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After leaving the Xyz Dimension, he wears the Rollerboots that Allen Kozuki gave him.While Awakened, Yuya's eyes begin to glow a luminous red, while his hair becomes frizzled and sticks up on end.Yuya even joked about his father when Gong brought up the fact that he should act more serious about his Duels like his father.However, after his Duel with the Sledgehammer, during which he reportedly "reinvented" himself, Yuya displays a more serious demeanor, saving his theatrical persona for his finishing combos.

When both Declan and Sylvio Pendulum Summoned, he was speechless, but coaching from Skip and the lessons he learned during his Qualification Duels have turned him into a Duelist that enjoys the challenge set before him, and he smiled as he was cornered by Sylvio when he Pendulum Summoned in their rematch.A fun-loving and energetic boy, Yuya is very theatrical and loves to entertain people, traits he seems to inherited from his father, Yusho Sakaki.He idolized and loved his father very much and wishes to become an entertainer like him one day.When the darkness inside Yuya takes over Awakened Yuya, he continuously emits a dark aura from his body.Yuya is rendered in 3D when he is riding "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", any of its evolved forms, or his Duel Runner.

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