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Not only has marijuana usage among teens not skyrocketed, but teens’ opinions about it haven’t changed much, either. Our favorite electronica releases from 2017 cover the entire spectrum — from brooding and a little melancholy to pop-inspired.

Last year, 68.5 percent of 12th-graders disapproved of regular pot use. All told, cannabis use among teens is down by about a half-percent nationwide. Roll a joint, fire it up, and let the beats wash you right into 2018 and beyond!

Lerer Hippeau Ventures, a New York-based venture capital firm well-known for its investments in Twitter and Buzzfeed, invested million in a business-to-business platform that provides a market for dispensary owners to buy inventory.

(A new commodity index even tracks the going rates for greenhouse and field-grown weed.) While marijuana is still illegal in all forms in 21 states, other states are aggressively marketing cannabis like they would, say, tourism or manufacturing.

%related-post-2% “We wanted to help dispel old stereotypes and enable Oregonians to better understand who’s in this industry,” Mark Pettinger, spokesman for the Recreational Marijuana Program, told Civilized.

Elsewhere, ex-NBA players Cliff Robinson and Al Harrington have become canna-biz execs, former Google sales team leader Alan Gertner now works for a cannabis firm that sells high-end vaporizers and bongs, and Eric Eslao, founder of an artisanal cannabis-infused chocolate company, was a senior production manager at Apple a little over a year ago.

With each passing day, big cannabis is moving away from the black market and into the hands of scientists, software executives, bankers, ex-military personnel, former pro athletes, and other accomplished folks looking for opportunities in this fast-growing industry.

%related-post-1% According to cannabis industry tracker, Arcview Market Research, the legal cannabis market is currently worth roughly billion, and will likely hit .6 billion in total annual sales by 2021.

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