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Paul Henderson (Kent Taylor) and Henderson's wife, Carla (Beverly "Hills" Powers) have arrived on "Blood Island" for a six-month stay. Henderson a scientist studying the effects of Bikini Islands atomic bomb test fallout on this island's flora and fauna, and Carla is apparently a professional (okay, at times very unprofessional) nymphomaniac.

Their arrival is an auspicious one, as the natives who appear to be coming to greet them are actually a burial-at-sea party.

The dinner invitation is accepted but, despite Carla's suggestion that they really, really should spend the night at the estate..Powers..real beds, they head back to the village afterward.This is a fast-paced drive-in classic filled with monsters, maidens and mayhem!Plot: The year is 1968, and Jim Farrell (John Ashley), Dr.Both moved on to other careers, which ended the reign of Shock Theatre. Please scroll down to our Comments section and share your memories of Dr. Funeral arrangements are being handled Laughlin Funeral Home in Huntsville. Seems that the natives have reverted to their primitive ways and have been conducting lotteries to decide which of their lovely young women is to be stripped of their clothing and given as a sacrifice to the local monster.He missed Alma one night and his search found her..... NAKED from the waist up, shaking her torso back and forth rapidly, "things" bouncing around, screaming her head off...!!!! In the meantime, lingering radiation has been affecting the local plant and animal life, causing them to transform at certain points into deadly monsters that can strangle, bite and slap all who dare come near.

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