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My website is for faithful men seeking one girlfriend and for ladies seeking one faithful guy therefore 1gf one girlfriend. Please design something around this THEME OF ONE... You may change those, Actually we look forward to your ideas. We are aiming for those within 21 to 45 age group to join us. I've included the New Logo which MUST Be USED within the Design.. a Facebook Logo would be enough so they are able to click to it but it should be at the very bottom. Members can embed their favorite youtube video within the website to share with other members.

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The style I need is for the site to match the logo submitted below.. we are looking for someone to knock it out the park and go for it. In this closet a member can put a naughty photo or nice photo and for members to see it they have to click on the closet icon 2. we know that guys like to show off their cars so we have a closet where guys can load a photo of their car into the closet for other to see if they like. Business promotion closet, for those to promote their business by loading up a banner or business card in their business promotion closet. If you can design it with the description short and sweet then that will be fine.

The white label dating site i have already have a landing page, i just want to change it so i can grab the e mail from every user who register in my site. I also need to get the information like email for marketing.

It's better buying in with getting to know dating site landing page design someone and potential legal issues that could arise in dating site landing page design these relationships because dating site landing page design they cant find dates in the group.

There should also be a section that shows the simple steps after launch how it will be easy for them, such as step one sign up, step two agree to link information, step three read and rate your date.

A dimple logo at the top left would be nice to have a heart with an arrow and a star hanging on it as well, something to that effect…

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