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I am also In business with my sister specialising in occasion hair and make up.

I'd say I have a very active and busy lifestyle, around all of this I have an 8 year old daughter (who is actually the boss of me, 😉).

Oh yeah I'm 29, not that I think age reflects me as a person.

I do like my routines, early nights, healthy eating and getting to where I need to be on time, but I do like to be adventurous and push my limits. Anyway I dont want to give too much away, that would be boring!

Unfortunately the word carat also equals the weight of a gemstone, e.g.

a one carat diamond stone equals a gemstone that weighs 200 milligrams. A cubic foot (30 cm.) block of gold is equivalent to 500 kilos or half a ton.

I had to fill so many questions about my sexuality.

Fineness is a purity scale used by bullion dealers some diggers and international traders.

Fineness equals parts per thousand and different countries have different standards. In other words we guarantee our gold bullion to have been refined to 999 parts gold per thousand. 999 fine = 24 carat = all gold, 750 fine = 18 carat = three quarters gold and 500 fine = 12 carat = half gold.

I think you can guess that council worker isn't my preferred job ...

I like being outdoors, up mountains, in galleries, in my darkroom, at gigs, in bars, at home on my sofa.

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