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Sexual Health Nova Scotia (SHNS) is currently recruiting volunteers to sit on the Board of Directors as members-at-large.Sexual Health Nova Scotia (SHNS) is dedicated to promoting healthy sexuality throughout one’s lifespan, in an environment that respects and supports choice.

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Sexual Health Nova Scotia (SHNS) is proud to announce the recipients of the 2017 Sexcellence Awards.Sexual Health Nova Scotia is committed to working to end sexual violence in this province.This work rests on the firm belief that consent must be clearly given, it must be affirmative, and it must be ongoing.Rape culture does not necessarily mean that society or individual people promote sexual violence in an outward, active manner.Rather rape culture is largely perpetuated via unexamined and false beliefs. Rape culture normalizes sexual violence and as a result, victims and survivors may not understand what happened to them as rape.

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