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Angell, the dean of American baseball writers, here describes his switching affinities mid-series, from the Indians to the Cubs, hoping it might prolong his distraction from another fall contest, describing game five as "three hours of floodlit opium or fentanyl that can almost erase all thoughts of Donald Trump's angry slurs or Hilary Clinton's long travails." Thomas's tale, also from , celebrates the Wimbledon final of Angelique Kerber and Williams, writing affectionately about the haplessness of returning Williams's serve: "With a relaxed motion and gentle toss, Williams struck an ace out wide.

On the next point, Williams began with an identical movement and hit the toss in an identical spot—but this time her serve sped down the T, another ace. But sports can also be, in some small but real ways, where we start to work them out." This past year, too, we lost Muhammad Ali, and essays here by David Remnick and Dave Zirin honor his legacy—a massive canvas upon which white America, in some small but real ways, projected many of its problems, and largely came to love Ali.

In this category, then, cheerleading qualifies (Jeff Maysh's "Why One Woman Pretended to be a High-School Cheerleader"). '"Notions of American identity also inform Bryant's concern for the country and its athletes. "We're not just living in a dangerous world but in an America that isn't quite sure if America still means what we once collectively believed it did." Are we a nation of immigrants or human-trafficking profiteers?

Maysh's portrait of Wendy Brown, 33, is largely a contest of between truth and deceit, but it's American to the core: "' Can't repeat the past? See Luke Cypher and Teri Thompson's heartbreaking piece on dreams deferred in "Lost in America".

The sportswriter's job just got a bit harder, which is fine. After Julie's (MJ Brackin) ex-husband Thad (Clayne Crawford) goes missing, she is pulled into a small town crime ring.

When the local sheriff, who is in love her refuses to help find him, Julie is forced to hire a private investigator to find Thad.

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Kaepernick, though, has recently opted to explore the power of silence—not Ali's strong suit.

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The civil rights struggle, the rise of second wave feminism and the sexual revolution seemed to insure that the country had undergone a basic social transformation. Working class white men, many of whom had benefitted tremendously from the New Deal, the hard bargaining of their trade unions and postwar liberalism, found themselves deeply at odds with the Democratic Party on matters of race. And they couldn’t understand why the kids could be so unpatriotic as to refuse to fight in a war in Southeast Asia. In a watershed moment for journalism, the best sports stories give shape to competitions in context, connecting prep sports and human trafficking, or taking a knee and the Bill of Rights, and lead the vehicle of sports to drift from its lane.

With the esteem of baseball and football in question, sportswriters turn their attention elsewhere and, in turn, challenge our notion of what constitutes a sport.

Competitive sports typically entail aerobically-intensive, zero-sum contests between teams or individuals.

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